• Digital Footprints

    Bring nothing but memories; Leave nothing but footprints.

    Looking back, the bulk of the sites I’ve visited have had anything to do with my academic life. Because my class is entirely online, I must write, read, search, and pass online in order to satisfy my prerequisites and outputs. Doing it online means I’ve left a digital trail of myself—my search history knows what themes I research, what sites I’ve visited recently, and the web also retains data for my unsent messages.

    I need to use the internet for three reasons: first, I am writing our undergrad thesis, so most of the time I need to read articles and write online since we have done our courses on our university website, My.IIT. Second, using online chat systems like Messenger allows me to keep in touch with my classmates, thesis partner, and supervisor. We needed to use online chat services because we were separated from each other due to our educational setting. Finally, I entertained myself by surfing the web. I’ve recently been looking for watch orders for Star Wars and Star Trek or by viewing anime on websites such as YouTube. Aside from that, I recently looked into Forensic Linguistics to satisfy my interest in the field.

    As previously said, the web provides a wide range of services, from entertainment to education, networking, and social media. As you can see, the caption on the photo above stated, “Bring nothing but memories; leave nothing but footprints.” Big businesses like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have access to our digital data left behind by our footprints merely by visiting the web and publishing online. The internet promises us a good time, but it also benefits from our data. I conceded to the fact that websites and the internet have made our jobs more efficient, productive, and easy, but we still have to pay for it in other ways than money (though there are some exceptions). 

  • What a Writer I am

    All good books are alike that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you: the good and the bad,the ecstacy, the remorse and sorrow, the people the and the places and how the weather was. if you can get so that you can give that to people, then you are a writer.

    Ernest Hemingway

    Ten years ago, when I was asked what I wanted when I grew up, I said I wanted to be an author. And as young as nine years old, I enjoyed writing fairytales and children’s stories because of the influence of the books that I’ve read that are full of magical experiences. And I vividly remember writing in my notebook about a child who was abducted by an alien, because of too much watching of ‘Kokey”—it was a Filipino fantasy series that was aired on ABS-CBN primetime way back in 2007. 

    One of my interests is writing. Indeed, I always wrote a letter to my loved ones on their birthdays, as well as on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and anniversaries. I authored scores of poems and tula, tales, essays, and even news items and editorials for student newspapers in high school. Writing is therapeutic for me; it is how I de-stress.

    I’m presently taking a writing break (creative writing). I attempted to write, but it was tedious. It has a dull flavor. And it might look cruel at times, since I never completely understand myself or others. In short, I was still an immature writer and person. As they said, “small child, smaller problems; bigger child, bigger problems.” Though my biggest skill as a writer is “I write what I want to write; I write for myself to myself,” writing allows me to better understand myself, both the good and the bad. I write about what’s on my mind and what resonates with myself and others. I am never afraid of criticism. On the other hand, it helps me become a better writer.

    And now, there is a need for me to develop myself, to feel more, to be more daring and mature than before. To live life on my terms, to reflect on my errors and seek to become a better version of myself, to strive for action rather than waiting for encouragement. I need to improve in order to write better. at the end of the day, I wanted to be the sort of writer that the reader would like reading.

    Accordingly, writing can thus be done on a different platform. Writing on the web allows both readers and writers to have convenient access. Though I favor conventional writing, there is no harm in learning to write for the web. It is not my intention to write on the web, but writing now allows me to learn more about content writing, blogs, and other aspects of web writing. And if there’s a masterclass for web content writing, I’d like to learn how to be relatable, understand web content writing, and discover my specialty in it.

  • Seven (minus One) Blog Sites

    Everyone follows blogging sites that really speak for themselves and what matters most to them. Sometimes we read blog recommendations we follow and try to explore things we haven’t tried. So let’s read and explore the sites that we think are interesting and new. So here are my seven blog sites that I find interesting.

    1. I am Aileen

    This is my go to blog site everytime want to look for recommendations about travel and online shopping. I love suporting local product, so everytime I wanted to browse for local shops or brands, I am Aileen is my go to blog site. I also love the minimalistic and chic look of her blog.

    2. The Legal Theory Blog

    If you’re interested in legal stuff, you can read more about legal theories and principles in The Legal Theory Blog. It is easy to read, and it feels like you are just having a good conversation over coffee when you read the blog. Not heavy or vague, it explains to you legal stuff in a conversational manner.

    3. Crime Reads

    Crime fiction and true crime enthsiast like me, you better follow Crime Reads. This is my go to blog site when I look for recommendation for my next read. It’s very informative because it doesn’t only recommend book reads but they also provide background on each novels.

    4. Crime Watch

    If you want to know more of your favorite author; curious about the content of a book you want to read (?) This blog is for you. Crime watch focuses on interviewing writers as well as book reviews.

    5. Eccedentesiast

    Facebook Page

    If you’re an emote person like me, follow the Eccedentesiast in Facebook. It share quotes from different body of works — novel, films, series, or even unknown. And of course this page promotes self-love above all.

    6. Lichess Blog

    Calling out chess players. Lichess blog offers a range of topics regarding chess –analysis, puzzles, opening, end game, tactics, and strategy, it’s all in here. If you don’t wanna read, you can also watch the videos instead.

  • Hello Nicelings!

    Welcome to my blog! I’m Nice A. Bocaoco, currently a senior BAELS student. Striving to graduate this year, but stil looking forward to it. This will be my platform in sharing my ideas and academic tasks. So, see you!

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